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Why Rose & Poppie?

Rose & Poppie is named for my maternal grandparents. They went by Grammie and Poppie, so clearly Poppie is pretty obvious. Grammie's middle name was Roseabell so that squares that away.

These two people were among the most important in my life. When Poppie passed us grandchildren received a fake poppy with a little piece of chocolate from an anonymous donor. When Grammie later passed I saved and dried a rose from the top of her casket. The two now live in a shadowbox in my office, their stems entwined. This was the inspiration for my first tattoo, which then inspired the company's logo.

So, what exactly

Do you DO?

Right now the focused effort has been on an ecommerce store selling physical goods
Primarily semi-custom & custom products.

I have started a youtube channel and hope to devote significantly more time on it in 2021 and eventually start teaching courses.

A Little More About

The Founder

Here are a few of my favorite things
  • Classical History/Archaeology (particularly Greco Roman)
  • Languages (US English Native, 5 years HS Spanish, Learning Italian & Greek)
  • Food! From gardening to cooking and of course, eating!
  • Architecture/Interior Design
  • Reading. Books, Blogs, Comics, Magazines
  • Flying/Aviation.
  • All things technology. Hardware and software
  • Travel. Thus far trips have been within the US/Canada, but I'm looking forward to visiting outside North America
  • Crowdfunding