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Q2 Check In

Second Quarter Goals Check-In

We've now made it half way through the year (how did that happen!?). That means it time for another goals check in. You can follow my progress by reviewing the initial post on goals and see how well I was doing in the first check-in. Since we’ve crossed another quarter it’s time to see how I’ve managed to keep things going (or haven’t, as the case may be…) As always, let’s take the 30k ft view at the goals themselves:

  • Read 25 Books
  • Finish books by Tolkien
  • Get caught up on magazines
  • Read at least 750 comics
  • Reach 175lbs
  • Launch (Secret R&P project)
  • Start learning bladesmithing and complete at least a dozen blades

I’ll cut to the chase and say right now things aren’t looking so good, but let’s review each one of these and see how I’m doing individually. Some I’m doing quite well on, but over all it’s definitely time time step my game up if I’m going to get this all accomplished this year.

First off, reading books. 25/2 = 12.5 so we’ll say 12 just to make it look slightly less bad. How many have I actually read? 7. Yep, I’ve managed to get to where I should have been during the Q1 checkin putting me squarely 1 quarter behind schedule on this one. The good news is one of the books I did finish was a Tolkien book. That bad news is I still have so many Tolkien books to go. This one is probably looking the worst for meeting my goals this year. More than every other book I read would need to be by Tolkien and while I love the author I do like to read many types of books. We’ll have to watch things here, but Finishing my Tolkien books may very well slip into my 2018 goals.

Moving on we arrive at “Get caught up on magazines.” Here I’m actually on track, once again. I managed not to fall behind on any of the titles I got caught up on in Q1 and read through a massive number in the back log. This is actually where probably 75% of my reading time has been focused, so it helps explain why I’m so far behind on books. Not counting the titles I stayed caught up on I also managed to read through over 130 magazine (across just 4 titles) managing to get complete caught up on 3 more titles, in including 1 that has since been canceled and another which I do not have an active subscription to any more. I’ve only got a few magazines left for 2 more digital subscriptions that have since ended. After that there’s 2 active digital subscriptions thad still have deep backlogs. I know one goes back to August 2013. The other goes back to September 2011, but I think I’ve read some of them already even still those two titles only come up to about 100 issues, so I should have plenty of time to get caught up on everything. Since I’m probably ahead of the game here I can actually slow down a bit and get some more time in for books too, which will be good.

Going down the list we next come to the comics, my final reading related goal. Here again I’ve managed to squeak slightly ahead of my goal but once again I’ve come remarkably close to where I should be. Half way through the 750 goal should put me at 375 and I’ve managed to get a slight lead by reading exactly 400. To give you a sense of how far behind I actually am, this has only brought me up to summer of 2013.

Now on to everyones favorite least-favorite goal. Ideally I’d have lost 8lbs total by now. So, having just stepped off the scale, how am I actually doing? Well, I’m right back to where I started. That’s right, I gained back the 2lbs I had managed to loose in Q1. I’m still not too worried though. With 26 weeks left in the year that means I only need to average just a little over half a pound of weight loss per week (.64). I just need to be more disciplined in this area and I shouldn’t have any problem reaching the goal, even if it’s a little disheartening having essentially 0 progress half way through the year.

The secret project has hit a bit of a snag. I’ve managed to make almost 0 progress using the method I was pursuing. If anything it’s been negative momentum. I don’t know if I’ll be able pull it off the way I originally planed. I’m still committed to the project, even more now, in fact. I just may need to rely on something else that won’t be arriving until late spring/early summer next year. I’m still going to see if I can get it working how I originally planned, but this could be delayed by about a year. Hopefully I’ll have better insight by the time the Q3 check in rolls around.

This brings me to the last stated/official goal of the year. As far as finished blades I’m still at my original 2, but I do have blanks roughed out for two more. I ran out of abrasives (fancy way of saying sandpaper) or I’d have those completed to. They should be finished up here in the next couple of days. I actually used the last bit of my high carbon steel for these as well, so I’ll need to order some more before I can continue. I do have some 440C, but that’s a stainless steel and I’m not quite ready to work with that yet. I’m not setup to do the heat treat with what I have here, I’d need to send it off for heat treat which is what I’ll probably do to begin with, but I want to spend a little more time with the high carbon stuff before I get to stainless.

How are things looking then, over all? Well… could certainly be better. The same two goals which were looking good in Q1 are looking even better now. Two that were on edge, but not really cause for concern yet are kinda in the same boat as Q1. The only real concern at this point is my book reading. The over all goal is going to be tough enough to meet, but I think I will be able to pull it off. The Tolkien sub-goal though? That’s looking particularly bleak right now. The books I’m reading right now are in the History of Middle Earth collection, which are very dense, include numerous notes and analysis/commentary by Chis, so they’re just tough to get through.

See everyone on September 1st for my Q3 check in. How are your goals progressing this year? Any you’re starting to get concerned with? Anything going even easier than you hopped? Feel free to share in the comments below!