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Second Quarter Goals Check-In

We've now made it half way through the year (how did that happen!?). That means it time for another goals check in. You can follow my progress by reviewing the initial post on goals and see how well I was doing in the first check-in. Since we’ve crossed another quarter it’s time to see how I’ve managed to keep things going (or haven’t, as the case may be…) As always, let’s take the 30k ft view at the goals themselves:

First Quarter Goals Check-In

Today is April 1st, that means a day for a little harmless pranking, but it also marks the end of the first quarter of the year! This marks a good time to check in on our goals. In my post on goals one point I made was that a benefit of setting codified goals was the ability to gauge your progress through the year. I like to do that about once a quarter, so that means now. First let's review my goals for the year. They are:

New Year’s Resolutions Goals

The new year has arrived, and with it many a resolution has been made, and quickly broken. I thought I would take this time to discuss my personal goals and my philosophy regarding them. 

2016 in Review

Not quite 2 years ago (around march 2015) I read an article on lifehacker about keeping a list of your accomplishments. I can't find the original article any more, but here's one from this year. The premise is simple enough. Once a week sit down and focus on what you actually managed to get done. Around the same time my wife had a conference in New Orleans and I picked up a nice leather bound journal that I've been using ever since. Sometimes I'm a day or two late.

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