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New Year’s Resolutions Goals
The new year has arrived, and with it many a resolution has been made, and quickly broken. I thought I would take this time to discuss my personal goals and my philosophy regarding them. 
2016 in Review
2016 in Review
Not quite 2 years ago (around march 2015) I read an article on lifehacker about keeping a list of your accomplishments. I can't find the original article any more, but here's one from this year. The premise is simple enough. Once a week sit down and focus on what you actually managed to get done. Around the same time my wife had a conference in New Orleans and I picked up a nice leather bound journal that I've been using ever since. Sometimes I'm a day or two late.
Google Home on Shelf
A Month with Google Home
When google home was first teased during I/O this year I was super excited. As someone who already had Alexa in his life, but was an android user and deeply vested in the google ecosystem I was excited mostly for one really silly reason. Google Play Music.
Me September 1994
More About Me
If you've come from the about page then you already know a little about me, but I wanted a place where I could really get into things without overwhelming the people that just want the highlights.